Transform your workplace into a Hybrid Office in just 4 Steps

Transform your workplace into a Hybrid Office in just 4 Steps

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Strategists. Designers. Change Activists.
Paperspace Asia are a collective of like-minded professionals who believe in harnessing our distinctive strengths to elevate user experience through space, culture and behaviours.


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Born out of humble origins in a studio in Tan Boon Liat, we now span 3 countries and 140 consultants and designers. By right-fitting collective members to your project needs, we ensure the optimal match and optimal results.

project members worldwide 


projects successfully completed in the Asian region


regional offices / operating hubs 

project members worldwide 
projects successfully completed in the Asian region
regional offices / operating hubs 


No two projects are the same. Every client and organisation has its distinctive
vision and culture for the business and its people (employees/customers).
Our role is to understand the challenge and respond with a solution that brings value.

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Paperspace Singapore

Narita Cheah

Paperspace Singapore

The maker of Paperspace. A designer, business ideator and change advocate who believes that magic happens when we unlock the secrets of bridging diverse talents.

Sombat Ngamchlermsak

Paperspace Bangkok

The brainchild of Paperspace. An entrepreneur in nature, he challenges the status quo and embraces new ideas by taking the road less travelled.

Karen Calalec

Paperspace Philippines

Her solid experience in delivering projects sucessfully amidst tough challenges is a testament to her character, work ethics and competency.

Audrey Chin

Paperspace Singapore

Guardian and transformer of our internal structure and process- the glue that holds us together.

Angelina Dass

Paperspace Singapore

Angelina brings value from her corporate communications experience, applying her intuition, writing skills and expressing viewpoints from a wider perspective. This enables her to successfully support clients through change managment projects.

Colette Javier

Paperspace Singapore

A detailed go-getter, her sunny disposition makes her a joy to work with.

Matilda Sung

Graphite Studio

Matilda is passionate about designing inspiring spaces and crafting bespoke details that bring spirit, texture and personality to her projects. Known in the industry for her conceptual skills, attention to detail and commitment to producing best-suited solutions for her clients, she is fervent in creating positive and inspiring environments for users and organizations.

Hoa Huang

Graphite Studio

His Australian background and years in Asia has made him a leader in delivering international quality projects across challenging markets in the region.

Jeslyn Low

Graphite Studio

She is a talented and inspired thinker who approaches design from unexpected angles.

Serene Wong

 Graphite Studio

Serene’s is a dynamic team leader, effectively leading multi-specialty teams to achieve well-coordinated designs and results. She is an expert in the detailing of environmental elements. Her extensive experience in project delivery have equipped her to anticipate risks and to work with clients and partners to ensure timely deliveries and budget-appropriate responses.

Michelle Goh

M.Lab Project

A design entrepreneur who is not bound by any school of thoughts but moulded by experience and expertise. She has the ability to see the big picture with hands-on approach on managing projects of diverse nature.

Shawn Quek

Studio of Design

An all-rounder whose strength is translating conceptual ideas into reality by equipping teams with solutions throughout the project cycle.

Kelvin Chiang

KelvinFrank Reid

Starting his career in real-estate has enabled him to view design solutions from a commercially viable angle.

Frank Chen

KelvinFrank Reid

His heart for communities and earnestness for all things design is his inspiration for meaningful and practical solutions.

Phillips Connor

Independent Consultants

Diverse experience across multi-faceted work-play-live projects for the past 3-decades earns him to the right as “jack-of-all trades and master of all.”

Valentina Doncevic


Valentina is an award-wining poet and interior designer, specialising in luxurious residential and commercial spaces. She feels a strong connect with nature and loves experimenting with natural materials – this underlines a design ethic that permeates all aspects of her work.

Jyotsna Lakhamraju


An interior designer who tells stories through spaces that are grounded in beauty, form, balance, and exploration. She believes in highlighting the uniqueness of each client, giving them a home that balances practicality, comfort, and aesthetics.

Geidion Wong


He has over 21 years of experience in commercial interior design practice, designing, directing and managing across multiple business levels and company projects across various disciplines.

James Loh


He is highly driven towards user engagement and collaborative approaches that gear any design development.

Nicole Chong


She applies touch point experiences through her designing methods that will creatively bring a unique emotion in spaces.

Sal Chua

Grey Canopy

A crowd-mover who loves to rally around the design team, collaborators and clients to make designs work!

Sam Ang

Grey Canopy

A design-thinker with innate sensitivities in transforming volume of spaces that inspire, impress and intrigue.

Evgeniya Lazareva

Hot Design Folks

Highly talented with a keen sense in hospitality design, Evgeniya brings a fresh approach and finesse to the creative process.

Manny Padernos

Manny Padernos

A creative spark, Manny combines his many years of interior design experience with a recent achievement in a Masters of Fine Arts. His spatial designs are inspiring works of art!

Niels Kemp Rasmussen

Kemp & Associates

He is the founder of Kemp & Associates, specialising in Behaviours and Change

Paperspace Bangkok

Chanidapa Marpraneet (Ally)

Paperspace Bangkok

Her hunger for entreupreunial experiences makes her a sought after partner on non-typical assignments. Nothing is too challenging for her.

Navin Munsil (Ten)

Paperspace Bangkok

He’s a man with a perfectionist personality, wanting every process of works have less mistake as possible. Even a single millimetre is still an unexceptable.

Thanapol Chareonwanun (Nut)

Studio of Design

He’s determined in design and creativity, no compromised for an imperfections even if there’re an obstruction ups ahead. He’ll succeed it no matter what’s it takes.

Kopchai Limpanataywin (Golf)

Collective Studio

The dreamer who constantly experiments with ideas, concepts and methods believes anything can be realized into a physical state.

Chayanat Chaiwattanapong (Amp)

The Position

A talent for identifying and optimizing people’s abilities. She designs business solutions by streamlining projects and linking enterpise industries.

Supanikar Supannapat (Pink)

Design Forward Studio

Luxury residential is her domain with a distinctive characteristics for timeless classics.

Thongake​ ​Horsiritham

Time & Architecture

Time was created to be a symbolic of moving and it moves fast if you don’t stop walking and sense a meaningful surrounding. He believes that architecture can stop you walking for a time.

Worawat Musikapan (Dam)

Decign Dept

He’s always been fascinated in design process and seeks unique stories and ideas to transfer into a meaningful space design.

Dichila Pasanta (Poi)

Decign Dept

She’s gone for something traditional, but she loves to see how much she can explore the new creative avenues and create a well balance design.

Vunnida Cantaraprasit (Vun)

IDEE Architects

Never stop exploring the way to unfold story through the perspective of user is her motivation to create memorable space.

Dara Khowkachaporn (Nim)

IDEE Architects

Her experience as architect and property analyst can make a commitment with deliberate design in terms of practicality, critical thinking and aesthetics.

Laddawan​ ​Sujarit-apirak (Angun)

931am Studio

With experience in the global furniture retail industry, she achieves good presentation that appeals to the hearts and minds in both a commercial and visually aesthetic way.

Anon​ ​Luengwanichprapa​​ (Tae)


He specializes in transforming commercial spaces in unique design concept that highlight client’s brand identity.

Wuthichai Leelavoravong (X)

Everyday Studio

He believes good design is in the details. And he creates good design to make people’s lives better.

Paperspace Manila

Joel Golimlim

Paperspace Philippines

With a keen eye for details, he leads technical teams through a systematized documentation approach and practical problem solving on-site.

Manuel Jun Ringor

Motif Studio

MJ Ringor has believes that the legacy of excellence he’s done in the past decade is built on the foundations of hard work and trust in the people that make Mundo Design the new but formidable player in the industry.

Alelee Nenette Castro

Motif Studio

Letlet has worked as Senior Designer and later as a Creative Designer for Mundo Design. This gained her further experience in designing different types of projects with a diverse portfolio that boasts Corporate, BPO, retail, hospitality, F&B, commercial, and institutional.

Ma. Pinky Trongco

Motif Studio

Koy has an eye in both aesthetics and usability, which made her well rounded in everything she does.

Loubelie Gardiola

Lourel Development Corp

The balance of interiors and exteriors and how one echoes the other brings out the unique talent that Loubelie has honed in decades of experience. Her expertise in landscaping is compounded by careful thought on how her landscapes grow with the client.

Noirene T. Baron

Atelier Noir Design

Colors, textures, and patterns inspire her and let her remember why she started.

Jesse James Baron

Atelier Noir Design

He is passionately creative and great design brings him joy.

Arcturus M. Diems

Atelier Noir Design

He considers detail as an intergral part of the design process.

Reymundo Cruz

Stratica Group

Well versed in building information modelling (BIM) and process solutions. he applies and translates diverse knowledge in the field into seamless project delivery.

Jay Simogan

Stratica Group

With intensive experience of 18 years and a solid background in AEC projects aided by BIM software technology, he takes care of strategic implementation plans and management of a wide range of companies to help drive change and evolution.


Paperspace Asia’s combined expertise and knowledge across Architecture, Workplace, Hospitality and Retail enable us to tackle blurring boundaries between Live, Work and Play environments to focus on elevating user experiences.


In a world that’s becoming more connected than ever before, we believe in a seamless integration of services and processes through our key service pillars.

Let's talk!


We craft Architectural Design solutions to elevate user-experience and optimise space activation by amalgamating design, culture, brand and technology to create impactful spaces for people.


From design to construction delivery, we provide streamlined solutions to ensure design, time, cost and quality management are managed through a seamless process.


Workplace transformation begins with a deep dive into the company vision and culture to define today’s business challenges and opportunities to empower business performances of the future.


Organisations are made of people. We work with Leaders and employees to catalyse change across the organization to understand physical, behaviour and cultural changes required to transition into New Ways of Working.


Our space actively fosters a close-knit community of passionate practitioners as they ideate and support each other in the Design community.

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