What Office Type Are You? APAC Findings. Discover employees’ views on hybrid working.

What Office Type Are You?
APAC Findings. Discover employees’ views on hybrid working.

A Collaborative Space at Philip Morris

The challenge of change in the workplace confounds even the best designers because there is an existing foundation in not only the physical structure, but also workplace culture. In this design project for Philip Morris, Thailand, the best path to take was to introduce innovation in design that provides both aesthetic value and a shift in the way employees work.

The objective of the Philip Morris project in Chiang Mai, Thailand was to transform an existing warehouse space into a collaborative working environment. The solution was two-pronged – echo branding through design and introduce coworking culture into the structure.

To highlight brand identity, Paperspace and Studio Grasshopper designed the facade with a strong contrast of Philip Morris brand colors. With sinuous lines, they echo the curls and billows of smoke.

Faced with the challenges of limited space and an impossibly high ceiling, designers streamlined the interior with black and white to blend the wall and ceiling into one element.

Modular tables and foldable chairs were incorporated into the design to maximize the space and make it versatile, enabling the use of the area for town hall meetings of up to 30 people. The flexible set up provided avenues for collaboration through shared spaces, encouraging participation among its users.

The Philip Morris workers found a new way and place to exchange ideas and align their goals. The shift of attitude was evident early on in the use of the facilities. If client satisfaction is the measure of success, then this was an astounding win.

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