Transform your workplace into a Hybrid Office in just 4 Steps

Transform your workplace into a Hybrid Office in just 4 Steps

A Modern Learning Facility for All of Asia

Our confidential technology client, one of the world’s most innovative companies, created an educational outreach program to drive forward digital technology knowledge, thereby honing specialized skills and helping industries get access to top-tier talents. Its first such learning institution is located in Europe. The tech giant, however, wished to expand its university program in Asia.

This is how their Bangkok academy was born. The first of its kind in Asia, its goal is to serve Thailand and surrounding countries. Supplementing tertiary education, this learning complex aims to help professionals, cloud computing practitioners, and business people absorb the knowledge taught under its in-house learning program.

Paperspace rose up to the challenge of building an education facility that will cater to the tech giant’s specific needs, convey the essence of their brand, and do excellently well by the students who will go through the academy’s doors.

Taking on the Educational Facility Challenge

This project is special to Paperspace in that it involves taking on a different but highly impactful responsibility. The design thinking and project implementation needed to be impeccable given the fact that this is the first in Asia that will serve students from around Thailand and other countries, and will also become a place of learning crucial 21st-century skills.

Paperspace, of course, always strives to provide the best approach and optimal solutions for all projects. For this particular challenge, the education complex needed to be able to accommodate 150-200 students. The facility required a modern atmosphere that will be inviting and comfortable while being conducive to learning.

On top of all that, the space has to live up to the tech giant’s reputation and convey their brand, ideals, and cause to broaden knowledge in the best way possible. Work was cut out for Paperspace but we do love a good design challenge.

The Blank Paper Concept 

The tech giant’s Bangkok academy is a learning facility so Paperspace drew inspiration from the potential of blank paper. A blank paper that is just waiting to be filled up with new information. Much like the students who will be flocking to the complex. They are, in a way, like blank paper full of potential and anticipation for new knowledge.

This concept is reiterated all throughout the design of the space. Most of the walls are kept white as if inviting someone to write, draw, or doodle on them. Geometric elements are also incorporated to further express the idea of a blank paper. 

The whole design approach is contemporary and minimalistic in a way. Of course, the functionality of the space is well considered. The facility is mainly made up of multi-purpose rooms where classes, workshops, large-scale lectures, and functions may be held. There is also a pre-function area and a reception area.

At the reception area, visitors will find a huge and colorful design centerpiece decorated with creative paper cutouts, which is once again in keeping with the key design concept. Its color palette is expressive of the tech giant’s branding colors and is also inspired by a feature that regularly appears on its website platform.

A Modern Space for Modern Education

The facility is well equipped with the latest learning technology. Top-quality screens and projectors are installed in the classrooms. The building is also equipped with great acoustics to ensure that students hear their lectures and miss as little as possible. 

The furnishings are minimalistic but are not lacking in comfort. Paperspace prioritized a design that encourages the curious mind and reinforces focus during technical classes. 

Incorporating the Local Flavor

Being located in Bangkok, it was essential to incorporate Thailand’s culture into the whole space. To maintain the blank paper concept, however, it was decided to refrain from making the Thai decor too overpowering. 

To achieve this, a feature wall was included in one of the classrooms where Thai characters are stenciled on what looks like a blackboard. Some parts of the facility’s ceiling are also adorned with Thai characters.

In this way, the design gives a nod to the local culture while maintaining the blank paper-inspired aesthetics and the contemporary minimalist atmosphere of a modern lecture hall.

Paving the Way to the Future

The tech giant aims to broaden the knowledge levels in the tech industry by teaching highly-specialized skills to interested individuals. The students will be able to hone their expertise and provide more value to their future employers or their businesses. The Bangkok academy will also assist the students in landing high-paying jobs that they will enjoy and can be proud of.

In connection with this, the university complex has partnered with a wide range of industry-leading businesses to help them ramp up their digital capabilities. This is done by providing these enterprises with a pool of talented individuals who have been taught advanced knowledge in the field of digital tech.

Paperspace is proud to have worked with the tech giant to bring its learning institution in Bangkok to life. The facility is paving the way to the future of digital technology and will be a part of Paperspace’s legacy at the same time.

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