1024 576 Darwin Masacupan

A Night of Conversations: Meaningful Exchanges on Designing Workplace Culture

The biggest buzzwords in the corporate world today is Workplace Culture. Driven by the need to thrive in competitive and interconnected markets, businesses are working hard to retain talent and hone their next-generation leaders. This is usually done by staying true to the firm’s vision…

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1024 682 Darwin Masacupan

Playing as One: Fostering Teamwork within Paperspace Asia

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw (Irish playwright) Many people think that playing is a waste of time, something that detracts attention from work. But scientific research has increasingly shown the benefits…

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1024 775 Angelina Dass

COVID-19: Adapting in Times of Uncertainty

It’s been just over a month since the first case of COVID-19 arrived in Singapore. Since then, it’s been a flurry of daily updates on numbers of cases, panic reactions and implementation of business continuity plans (BCP). As businesses scramble to adapt to the new…

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150 150 Arturo Navarro

The Story So Far

START OF THE JOURNEY Being pioneers in the industry, we had a destination in mind, but no map to guide us. Together, we embarked on a strategic planning process to decide upon a direction. Having no map and no manual meant that most of the…

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1024 683 Narita

Corporate Transformation for the New Economy: A Summary

Paperspace Thailand recently invited peers from the Creative Economy Agency (CEA), Hubba and the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) to share insight in “Corporate Transformation for the New Economy.” The forum focuses on the need for workplace strategy and its necessary evolution to accommodate the…

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1024 768 Lydia Koh

Nature and Senses III: Highlights

Virtual Park A sensorial experience featuring recycled yarns, carpet cones, and ceiling projections. As the many textures combine and creep out of the column, it forms a seating space that allows you to take a pause during your busy day to enjoy scenes and sounds…

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1024 768 Lydia Koh

Nature & Senses II: Ideation

The building of “Virtual Park” Come July 27, the Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness will open its doors to the public. Paperspace and level 3 of National Design Center will be prepared to wow and delight with our sensory pop-up exhibition. As with all adventures,…

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987 1024 Lydia Koh

Nature & Senses I: Coming Together

What happens when an interior designer, architect, jewelry designer, and fashion designer come together to make one interactive art exhibition? Paperspace Singapore and the studios of National Design Center Level 3 are excited to find out with our upcoming multi-sensory pop-up exhibition, Nature and Senses.…

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960 720 Lydia Koh

Coworking and Innovation: Narita Cheah’s Radio Interview with Money FM 89.3

Co-founder and Director of Paperspace, Narita Cheah, was interviewed on Money FM 89.3 on Monday 4 June, 2018. She spoke about innovation in coworking spaces and why coworking has been gaining traction in workplace design. Paperspace ventured into the coworking industry with Paperwork, a stylish,…

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537 352 Lydia Koh

Keepers x Paperspace: The First Collaboration

Great minds think alike, and when great minds come together the ideas are phenomenal. Paperspace Singapore collective members are hard at work with the tenants of National Design Center to brainstorm ideas for an exciting project that will be announced soon. Keepers, a local design…

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