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Corporate Transformation for the New Economy: A Summary

Paperspace Thailand recently invited peers from the Creative Economy Agency (CEA), Hubba and the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) to share insight in “Corporate Transformation for the New Economy.” The forum focuses on the need for workplace strategy and its necessary evolution to accommodate the future in the new economy.

Kittiratana Pitipanich from the CEA emphasized the significance of growing the local creative industry as an important mechanism for the economic development of Thailand. With focus on fostering talent in creative entrepreneurs, the recommendation is to add value in products through unique and ingenious ideas and overcoming limitations through smarter processes and technology. One of the key areas for development is to establish the Thailand Creative and Design Center as a collaborative convergence zone and as  the main creative district for Bangkok.

HUBBA Chief Strategy Officer Archawat Chareonsilp discussed another aspect that is integral in the burgeoning Thailand Economy. There is innate potential in the creation of a start up community that is fundamental to a bigger network in Southeast Asia, especially since the main drivers in the Thai startup ecosystem are of the younger generation. Millennials can disrupt the norm because they are more open-minded and can adapt quickly to adverse changes. They count a large percentage of the existing workforce and can lead the way to the future.

Deunden Nikomborirak represented  Thailand Development Research Institute. Exhibiting the good results that was garnered from effective workplace strategy, he discussed how Corporate Transformation was applied in TDRI.

There was noticeable change in how people work as the office shifted from a traditional workplace to a modernized setup as designed by Paperspace and collective member Grasshopper Design studio. The new environment was more engaging and has influenced office culture to become more collaborative.

Their new workplace introduced the team to a new way of working that maintains their global competitiveness.

Sombat Ngamchalermsak, CEO of Paperspace Asia, recommended the transformation and development of office areas into Activity Based Workspaces (ABW). Sombat emphasized the significance of transforming personal spaces into an open plan that promotes interaction between employees through a more dynamic workplace. They are encouraged to stay active throughout the day and introduced to a new way of working which plays an important role in this new economy.

He reiterates how Paperspace takes the lead on this transformation through previously accomplished projects such as local offices of the biggest tech global organization, local offices of the biggest social media network in india, Jakarta and Manila, Airbnb and in TDRI, where the talks were held. He tackled workplace strategy in each project and how it helps clients achieve their organizational goal.

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