Paperwork: Paperspace’s Brainchild

Paperspace needed functional working studios to support our collaborative ways of working – so we made our own.
Our co-creation spaces actively foster a passionate and close-knit design community through industry events and a spirit that celebrates diversity.

Paperwork fosters a collaborative environment in a coworking space where each member can become a maker of opportunities for others. We establish connections to make a network of workers to build a community.


Paperwork is located in Singapore, Bangkok and Manila to support our Paperspace operations. Besides functioning as a home for our collective members, they also serve as a hub for design-preneurs. We aim to foster greater collaboration and innovation within the local design communities through knowledge sharing sessions, get-togethers, and industry events.





Many exciting activites have been hosted in our space! Here’s a sneak peek.


Our co-creation spaces serve as versatile venues for events, meetings and exhibits. Read more about them at our blog.


We’re an eclectic mix over here! Our tenants range from interior designers, architects, animators, to project managers, public relations, toy makers, and more. We are proud of our diversity and constantly amazed by the high level of camaraderie between our tenants.

To learn how to join our cocreation communities or to book our spaces for your event, please visit the Paperwork website.