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Keepers x Paperspace: The First Collaboration

Great minds think alike, and when great minds come together the ideas are phenomenal. Paperspace Singapore collective members are hard at work with the tenants of National Design Center to brainstorm ideas for an exciting project that will be announced soon.

Keepers, a local design collective run by the talented Carolyn Kan of Carrie K, is hosting a yearly event with Design Singapore that highlights the diverse artistry cultivated here. This year, the Paperspace Collective will be taking part in the event, undertaking a lead role in the development of the overall concept for level 3 of the National Design Center.

We are especially excited since this will be our very first collaboration between Paperspace Collective members.

Besides promoting Singapore designers and the National Design Center as a design hub of Singapore, this event is a rare treasured opportunity for us to foster a Kampong spirit between collective members and other NDC tenants. Interacting with other designers will allow us to learn new skills and insights from each other, all while giving back to the local design community.

Such a meaningful and fruitful project is not without its challenges. It is daunting to integrate the ideas of multiple designers into one seamless, cohesive project, but Sam Ang of Grey Canopy Designs stood up to the test and ensured all ideas were woven into one encompassing concept – one that we will reveal in due course!

Another challenge we face is coordinating our busy schedules to meet. Regardless, teams have shown to be committed to the project despite their day jobs and personal commitments in order to bring this project to reality – a truly inspiring sight.

Watch this space to follow our journey and see what else this talented team has to offer!

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