At Paperspace, we believe the key to good communication across barriers like different professions, ethnicities, languages and cultures is to foster strong relationships between workers, and the best way to do this is through an open and welcoming environment.

Bureaucracy and unnecessary chains of command have no place in our company, and neither do pigeonhole desks that cut colleagues off from communicating with one another. We are strong believers in transparency, equality and community, which is why our collective treats every member as a professional in their own right and lets every idea be heard. This fosters trust, friendship and encourages collaboration, leading to brilliant new ideas and sharing of resources to create a better end product.

We call this process of un-corporatising “unofficing”. It keeps us happy, keeps things simple and incentivises us to innovate and ultimately, happier clients.

You can unoffice anywhere. At Paperspace, we do this in Bangkok, Manila and Singapore. Let’s unoffice. Together.

The Paperspace Team