What Office Type Are You? APAC Findings. Discover employees’ views on hybrid working.

What Office Type Are You?
APAC Findings. Discover employees’ views on hybrid working.

Nature and Senses III: Highlights

Virtual Park

A sensorial experience featuring recycled yarns, carpet cones, and ceiling projections. As the many textures combine and creep out of the column, it forms a seating space that allows you to take a pause during your busy day to enjoy scenes and sounds of nature.

An old, neglected corner chair is given a new “dress” of crocheted recycled t-shirt yarn depicting colours of the sky. Simultaneously rough and soft, its texture engages the person who sits on it. Upcycled, recycled, remodeled, handmade.

Studios Involved:
Graphite Studios, Orcadesign, VAlternative

Contrac Image Trading Pte Ltd
Interface Asia

A SAND-sory of Nature and Flow

Through time and tide, SAND forms and connects across lands; binds nature to the environment and protects mankind from the surroundings in a built environment.

In this installation, the team explores the use of SAND as a new medium to reveal natural flows of what Mother Nature has given us.

Be part of this sensory screenplay of nature and flow. You are welcome to scoop-and-scatter the sand to create and disrupt the sand screen… and watch the magic happen.

Studios Involved:
Grey Canopy
M.lab Project

Sunray Woodcraft Construction
DVI Solutions
JAG Engineering
CKJ Asia


The Boomtable is a giant plastic water container found during a routine project site visit by Frank Chen. He collaborated with a designer to give it a second chance for an exhibition in 2013, ‘Giving New Life to Abandoned Objects’, organised by F2D.

After years in storage, the Boomtable has been given a new lease of life by designers and engineers with a passion, who integrated technology and synchronized visuals, lighting and sound!

Studios Involved:
Kelvin & Frank Reid

Dusk Till Dawn

We invite you to write your answers to the questions stamped on these individual post-its – become a part of a bigger picture!

Assembled by the collective effort of National Design Center Level 3, these murals show that big things happen when people work together.

Studios Involved:
Just Sketch
Aubergine Architects
Rehla Design
Studio of Design
Studios of NDC Level 3

3M Singapore

The Pixel

Environmental sustainability meets seeing the bigger picture. Created using plastic bags collected in our daily lives, this installation highlights the importance of waste management and being conscious of our environment!

Studio List:
Just Sketch
Aubergine Architects

Forgotten Melodies

Take a journey down the corridors to experience 6 different settings! These sound domes play forgotten sounds of nature – melodies we take for granted. While you’re at it, take some time to answer thought-provoking questions stamped on the post-it murals.

Studios Involved:


Jello-Héroe is an art installation made purely by Evoware’s water soluble seaweed film packaging to tackle plastic pollution. We can all be heroes in our own way to lessen the plastic waste in our oceans.

The wall installation mimics the forms of the landscapes and waves of our oceanic reservoirs. The hanging jellyfishes represents the delicacy of our deep blues and highlights our plastic pollution impact on the living waters and its creatures.

Studios Involved:
Stoked Associates


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