Tech Meets Design

Tech Meets Design

Forum: Paperspace Introduces Virtual Reality for Interior and Architectural Design

Narita Cheah, Co-founder and Director, Paperspace
Ajay Lavakare, Chief Product Officer and Gautam Tewari, Co-founder & Director, SmartVizX

Paperspace is proud to introduce their forum, ‘Virtual Reality for Interior Design’. By Creative Designers (Paperspace), VR Specialists (SmartVizX) and students (TheNode),

In a world where the disruptive force of technology enables users to obtain information instantaneously, the design world needs to provide tools that support clients and project teams. The talk discusses the untapped benefits of the VR tool in the interior design process workflow, driving enriched solutions via 3-dimensional experiences.With the newly developed software by SmartVizX, the forum will demonstrate the application of this technology in a live project Paperspace is spearheading.

SmartVizX is re-defining the norms in architectural design and real estate with its award-winning VR solutions, and Paperspace will share their case study to demonstrate the impact of VR in the architectural process, alongside students from The Node, a network of mentors and apprentices from the design industry.

The event is organised in conjunction with the launch of Paperspace’s new co-working space, Paperwork (Singapore) at the National Design Centre.