Collaboration is an essential part of our lives. By learning from each other and capitalizing on our strengths, we’re able to build greater things. This motto led friends and partners Narita Cheah and Sombat Ngamschlermsak to create Paperspace, where we curate the best teams by combining different strengths and expertise.


We have created a collective of experienced, independent designers from a multitude of professional and personal backgrounds. Based in Singapore, Bangkok or Manila, these creative talents share resources and fresh ideas, and work with each other to push the envelope, bend industry standards and encourage innovation.

Paperspace connects these designers to you based on your project requirements and develops transparent and positive relationships between them and you.

That means you get a dream team helping you bring your vision to life, every time.


The future of work empowers people to connect and create. That is a primary condition for innovation. This is how we continue to push boundaries and set new standards.


Our foundation of collaboration is built on transparency and trust. With every new assignment, we adopt a tailored approach to curate our teams based on case requirements – not the other way round. This gives us the ability to scale our commitments with ease and cross-pollinate ideas to drive innovation.


Our success is predicated on interdependence, not compromises. We are designers who put you in the centre of all things so that our pillars of excellence revolve around you.