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Paperspace Manila

Joel Golimlim

Paperspace Philippines With a keen eye for details, he leads technical teams through a systematized documentation approach and practical problem solving on-site.

Karen Calalec

Paperspace Philippines Her solid experience in delivering projects sucessfully amidst tough challenges is a testament to her character, work ethics and competency.

Manuel Jun Ringor

Motif Studio MJ Ringor has believes that the legacy of excellence he’s done in the past decade is built on the foundations of hard work and trust in the people that make Mundo Design the new but formidable player in the industry.

Alelee Nenette Castro

Motif Studio Letlet has worked as Senior Designer and later as a Creative Designer for Mundo Design. This gained her further experience in designing different types of projects with a diverse portfolio that boasts Corporate, BPO, retail, hospitality, F&B, commercial, and institutional.

Ma. Pinky Trongco

Motif Studio Koy has an eye in both aesthetics and usability, which made her well rounded in everything she does.

Loubelie Gardiola

Lourel Development Corp The balance of interiors and exteriors and how one echoes the other brings out the unique talent that Loubelie has honed in decades of experience. Her expertise in landscaping is compounded by careful thought on how her landscapes grow with the client.

Noirene T. Baron

Atelier Noir Design Colors, textures, and patterns inspire her and let her remember why she started.

Jesse James Baron

Atelier Noir Design He is passionately creative and great design brings him joy.

Arcturus M. Diems

Atelier Noir Design He considers detail as an intergral part of the design process.

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