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Paperspace Singapore

Narita Cheah

Paperspace Singapore The maker of Paperspace. A designer, business ideator and change advocate who believes that magic happens when we unlock the secrets of bridging diverse talents.

Audrey Chin

Paperspace Singapore Guardian and transformer of our internal structure and process- the glue that holds us together.

Stephanie Woo

Paperspace Singapore A natural writer and thinker, combined wih her background in communications and social work, Stephanie engages well with clients. She’s hard-working, positivite and ready to take on any challenge!

Angelina Dass

Paperspace Singapore Angelina brings value from her corporate communications experience, applying her intuition, writing skills and expressing viewpoints from a wider perspective. This enables her to successfully support clients through change managment projects.

Colette Javier

Paperspace Singapore A detailed go-getter, her sunny disposition makes her a joy to work with.

Matilda Sung

Graphite Studio Matilda is passionate about designing inspiring spaces and crafting bespoke details that bring spirit, texture and personality to her projects. Known in the industry for her conceptual skills, attention to detail and commitment to producing best-suited solutions for her clients, she is fervent in creating positive and inspiring environments for users and organizations.

Hoa Huang

Graphite Studio His Australian background and years in Asia has made him a leader in delivering international quality projects across challenging markets in the region.

Jeslyn Low

Graphite Studio She is a talented and inspired thinker who approaches design from unexpected angles.

Serene Wong

¬†Graphite Studio Serene’s is a dynamic team leader, effectively leading multi-specialty teams to achieve well-coordinated designs and results. She is an expert in the detailing of environmental elements. Her extensive experience in project delivery have equipped her to anticipate risks and to work with clients and partners to ensure timely deliveries and budget-appropriate responses.

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