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Paperspace Singapore

Michelle Goh

M.Lab Project A design entrepreneur who is not bound by any school of thoughts but moulded by experience and expertise. She has the ability to see the big picture with hands-on approach on managing projects of diverse nature.

Shawn Quek

Studio of Design An all-rounder whose strength is translating conceptual ideas into reality by equipping teams with solutions throughout the project cycle.

Kelvin Chiang

KelvinFrank Reid Starting his career in real-estate has enabled him to view design solutions from a commercially viable angle.

Frank Chen

KelvinFrank Reid His heart for communities and earnestness for all things design is his inspiration for meaningful and practical solutions.

Phillips Connor

Independent Consultants Diverse experience across multi-faceted work-play-live projects for the past 3-decades earns him to the right as “jack-of-all trades and master of all.”

Valentina Doncevic

Valternative Valentina is an award-wining poet and interior designer, specialising in luxurious residential and commercial spaces. She feels a strong connect with nature and loves experimenting with natural materials – this underlines a design ethic that permeates all aspects of her work.

Jyotsna Lakhamraju

Valternative An interior designer who tells stories through spaces that are grounded in beauty, form, balance, and exploration. She believes in highlighting the uniqueness of each client, giving them a home that balances practicality, comfort, and aesthetics.

Geidion Wong

Stoked He has over 21 years of experience in commercial interior design practice, designing, directing and managing across multiple business levels and company projects across various disciplines.

James Loh

Stoked He is highly driven towards user engagement and collaborative approaches that gear any design development.

Nicole Chong

Stoked She applies touch point experiences through her designing methods that will creatively bring a unique emotion in spaces.

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