Confidential Tech Client

Confidential Technology Client

The biggest tech company in the world with over 2 billion monthly users opens another set of doors in the Philippines set to optimize and centralize processes for the tech giant. The Philippines is a leader in the global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry which is a rapidly growing field in the local scene at 17% annual growth, and with specialised skills and expertise provided widely in the region, the vendor office is a viable convergence of opportunity and innovation.

With a clear strategy from the beginning, churned from intensive space utilization surveys and research, the goal was to create what was most needed – a user-centric design.

Comfort to clients and end users is priority, as well as optimizing function for productivity. Spaces have been incorporated with flexible design for versatility, and each room provides a number of configurations for various utilities. Rooms can convert easily from an open space for collaboration to a standard classroom setup to enable various focal points in discussions and sharing.

The aesthetics are designed with an outdoor theme, and the rooms are aptly named after mountains popular for hiking in the Philippines to recall the victories earned through hard work and teamwork. Various areas are thematically designed with aesthetic details made with functional materials including the application of echo panels to improve indoor acoustics, and decals strategically placed on double panelled glass walls to provide utmost privacy.

The offices are designed for growth with modular furniture and flexible setups. The same can be said for ease of technological evolution with easier access for digital and electronic upgrades.

The result is an office that can accommodate the many teams that make the dynamic movements required by the biggest global conglomerate. With the many strides in technology that the company makes, the office needs to be able to maintain many changes while remaining user centric; the versatility that the offices presents the workers and the organization is able to provide constant change with a strong foundation.

Even with the complexity of the design and the size of the project, Paperspace provided the platform to enable a cross country set up. Members of the collective from Singapore and the Philippines were able to contribute cohesive work and seamless delivery. Testament to the client’s satisfaction is an even bigger opportunity for another project in Manila encompassing more than 300,000 sq ft.

Project Details

  • Project: Tech Company
  • Location: Manila
  • Size: 180,000 sq ft
  • Project Duration: 14 months
  • Completed: 2018
  • Type: Workplace
  • Industry: Technology
  • Studios Involved: Graphite, Paperspace Singapore, Paperspace Philippines
  • Photography courtesy of AIDEA