Confidential Tech Client

Confidential Technology Client

The world’s largest social media network bearing 2.3 billion users recently opened its offices in the Philippines. Where almost 50 million subscribers use the platform actively, the country is one of the most active on social media. The office also served as a venue to launch two new services where the company seeks to change the way the other businesses utilize the network and to optimize its usage – the office is an important focal point where the local market is already large but is still growing.

The new Manila office aims to strengthen the company’s investment in the country, and the commitment to help connect brands to its market and vice versa.

The company has an established aesthetic which is evident in the other offices around the globe as directed by branding and design guidelines. One of the most important aspects of the design is to reflect brand identity.

The team was able to build a mezzanine, a highlight in the design especially since the ceilings were exceptionally high, which was an innovation to maximize the space and provide staff with a more visual experience.

Paperspace collaborated with the regional office to create something that was outstanding not simply because the office followed the trademark design of the company but because the aesthetics were injected with a local flavor that echoed the workforce’s personality.

The industrial concept that is prevalent in all the other global offices worked well with the structure of the new office, especially since the ceiling was more than accommodating.  The social media platform encourages expression of self, and to echo this, the design was intentionally raw so the users can incorporate their own additions and interpretation of the design. One of the highlights of the space is a karaoke machine, installed in one of the main rooms to serve as a place to collaborate or let loose. A jeepney, one of the more prevalent icons of the country,  prominently displays the logo as a way to symbolize the seamless incorporation of corporate identity and local flavor.

Project Details

  • Project: Tech Company
  • Location: Manila
  • Size: 180,000 sq ft
  • Project Duration: 14 months
  • Completed: 2018
  • Type: Workplace
  • Industry: Technology
  • Studios Involved: Graphite, Paperspace Singapore, Paperspace Philippines
  • Photography courtesy of AIDEA