Philip Morris

Philip Morris

Philip Morris asked Paperspace to create a collaborative space for their sales team. They also wanted a space that conveys their brand and culture to clients.

This project posed the challenge of converting an existing 100 sqm warehouse into a new collaborative workspace. We found the warehouse lacking windows, ceilings, or basic workplace infrastructure.

Using our expertise in workplace design, our team was able to incorporate unique design elements and state-of-the-art infrastructure to create an effective space for Phillip Morris staff to convene and share ideas.

Our team transformed the external facade by punching out a curved shape from the outer wall, creating a unique entry-way to the building. Outside, what used to be a bare space with chairs was turned into an attractive outdoor patio for staff to enjoy the outdoors while sipping their morning coffee or taking breaks.

Inside, we used curved lines and brand colors to reflect Philip Morris’ corporate identity.

To maximize the small space available, modular tables and foldable chairs enable the staff to easily transform a coworking space into a townhall area. Transparency and inclusivity are encouraged by the open concept.

We were proud to deploy Virtual Reality technology to give the client an immersive and unique 3D experience of our proposed design.

Our client was very pleased with the result. A video (below) of the new workplace is being circulated on job sites and used to attract new talent. We look forward to another fruitful collaboration.

Project Details

  • Project: Philip Morris Thailand
  • Location: Chiangmai, Thailand
  • Size: 100 sqm
  • Project Duration: 4 months
  • Completed: December 2017
  • Type: Workplace
  • Industry: Tobacco
  • Studios Involved: Studio Grasshopper, Paperspace