SkyRocket is a premier English education center opening their first branch in Thailand. They asked us to create an immersive learning space with a strong element of playfulness to support their interactive teaching methods.

We picked designers that specialized in story-telling to create a space that engages a child’s imagination and encourages them to explore. The reception area features a spaceship, signifying that the children are entering a different world. Upon entering, children see an “alien tree” with star fruit dangling from its branches, indicating they are on an alien planet. Each classroom has different themes, one of which replicates a spaceship interior, with windows looking out into space.

One of the challenges we faced was the space available. We needed to incorporate a reception area, parent’s area, playground, and 4 classrooms in 4000sf. Our designers tackled it by implementing clever space planning, a fluid layout, and ultimately maximized the space without compromising design quality.

The intricate details meant possible challenges in the construction process. However, we mitigated that by walking through the design with a carefully selected construction company and communicating our needs. The design was carried out flawlessly.

Project Details

  • Company: SkyRocket
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Size of project: 4000 sf
  • Duration of project: 4 months
  • Industry: Education
  • Type of project: Education Retail