Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation

Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation

When Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation (TDRI) learned Paperspace’s vision of how workplace revolution brings innovation and the methods involved to make it happen, they realized their existing office was not a conducive environment to support it and they needed a change.

Knowledge and collaboration plays an important part at TDRI, a public research institute in Thailand. They wanted to achieve a collaborative workplace that improves productivity and encourages interaction.


When Paperspace visited their existing office, we found a lack of collaborative spaces and unorganized private desks that all faced one direction, eliminating most chances for interaction. The only communal area was a dark canteen that no one used.

It was important to TDRI that their new workspace supported their institute growth in the long run. Motivating their staff to be more organized and efficient was important in maintaining their global brand competitiveness.


We revamped their reception area to be more open, transparent, and airy. This transparency mirrors TDRI’s vision to improve transparency in the country through anti-corruption, economic, and social research.

Their existing canteen was transformed into a coworking space with collaborative areas. Spontaneous knowledge-sharing is emphasized, which is vital for a research institute like TDRI.

A change management talk was given to the TDRI leadership to ensure a seamless and effective transition. We are excited to hear from the users of the new space.

Project Details

  • Project: Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Project Duration: 1 year
  • Type: Workplace
  • Industry: Public Institute
  • Studios Involved: Architect Idee, Studio of Design, Paperspace