When online money transfer startup TransferWise sought a regional hub in Asia Pacific to expand business operations in the region, they chose Singapore for our skilled labour force and central geographic location.

True to their motto, “Be Without Borders,” their offices worldwide feature open and flexible environments infused with local flavour. Their new office in Singapore is no exception.


Paperspace worked closely with Transferwise to surpass their expectations. We studied their existing offices in other parts of the world and meticulously curated materials and fittings to make it uniquely Singaporean.

One of the main challenges we faced in this project was converting a fitted out space from the previous office tenant into a new Transferwise office.  We were able to speed up the decision-making process using an iPad to incorporate client feedback instantly into designs at on-site meetings.


Transferwise was forward-thinking and open to unconventional design options, resulting in a creative and fresh workplace. The office’s distinctive Asian flavour is evident the moment you step into the office – the reception area features stacked Asian ventilation blocks, similar to those found in traditional buildings.

Quiet and shared spaces, each embodying a specific we Singaporean flavour, create a uniquely Asian environment. The themes include Chinatown, Little India, Tiong Bahru, Botanic Gardens, and Arab Street. Conventional meeting room furniture were skipped in favour of kopitiam style furniture to echo the shared eating culture in Singapore.

True to their “Be Without Borders” motto, Transferwise follows a flexible seating policy. Staff are free to work where they are most comfortable, be it at their desk, on the sofa, or standing at the kitchen counter, so they may do their best work.

Transferwise’s new office is fosters a social neighborhood and collaborative environment, a trend that is likely to grow in the future as people, places, and the world begin to recognize the importance of working together.

“Personality fit is a really important part of finding the right partner,” said Rachel Lloyd, People & Environment Manager of Transferwise. “It was great that Paperspace could help me realize [my] ideas.”

Project Details

  • Project: Transferwise
  • Location: Singapore
  • Size: 7,220 sq ft
  • Project Duration: 3-4 months
  • Completed: 2017
  • Type: Workplace
  • Industry: Financial Technology
  • Studios Involved: Studio of Design, Paperspace
  • Photography courtesy of Owen Raggett