Wavemaker, Group M



Paperspace was tasked by Wavemaker, Group M to refresh their existing office and instill corporate identity into the design.

A relatively new advertising agency, Wavemaker wanted an energetic environment to motivate employees, attract new talent, and wow clients. They also needed a flexible space to accommodate growth, as staff numbers had grown by 30% every year.


Our initial surveys showed a large workspace that was not maximized, minimal natural lighting, and a lack of collaboration between the 3 different teams. Staff were often out to meetings and not at their desks – they were usually only at their desks for an average of 3 hours a day. Meeting rooms were always booked as they only had large meeting rooms for up to 6 people. Our survey results showed, however, that most meetings occurred only between 2-4 people.


To allow natural light, we placed workstations in the middle of the office, away from windows, so the staff would not be affected by direct sunlight and the blinds can stay up.

To future-proof the workplace and support the firm’s growth, we replaced 40% of fixed workstations with casual seating such as sofas, hot desks, and benches. Partition walls were used to create a sense of privacy for these seats.  This allows staff to choose their own workspace and do their best work.

Phone booths for two and smaller meeting rooms for 2-4 people were distributed in the space to allow smaller group discussions without taking up larger meeting rooms. This uses minimal space in the floor plan while allowing constant access to collaborative spaces.

We took away the restrictive walls and replaced them with glass partitions to create a transparent and open feel within the firm. While the 3 teams had separate pantries before, they now have one shared pantry in the middle of the floor to encourage chance encounters and spontaneous conversations.

A long, continuous bar links the reception area to the pantry area to help blend public and private spaces together.

Strong brand identity was incorporated in the form of a wave-like ceiling feature that spans from the reception to the pantry area. The brand color -orange – is tucked away in the edges of the walls and ceilings to tie spaces together. We also handpicked a variety of furniture to create a casual and homey feeling.

Group M was very pleased with the result, and we are currently working with them to incorporate a similar, open collaborative concept into three more workspaces.

Project Details

  • Project: Wavemaker
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Size: 10,000 sq ft
  • Project Duration: 1 year
  • Completed: December 2017
  • Type: Workplace
  • Industry: Advertising
  • Studios Involved: Architects IDEE, Studio of Design, Paperspace