project details

Client: House of Wisdom
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 1000 sqm
Project Completed: 2023
Type: Design Consultancy
Industry: Academic and Social Club
Collective Members: Design Dept.

project summary

House of Wisdom (H.O.W) is an invite-only space and platform made for emerging leaders across Southeast Asia seeking continuous learning and personal growth in a rapidly evolving world. With a focus on fostering wisdom and creativity, H.O.W provides a nurturing environment, where members find inspiration and ample opportunities for learning across various topics such as Business, Technology, AI, Finance and even Arts and Music.

To accommodate H.O.W’s diverse range of events and activities while inspiring the next generation of leaders, our design prioritises flexibility and multipurpose functionality, while integrating evocative art pieces. 

the challenge

The primary challenge in designing the space lay in seamlessly integrating areas intended for multiple activities, while maintaining exclusivity and control over member-only and public areas. With a diverse range of functions, ensuring flexibility and a clear sense of distinctiveness was crucial in making the space feel comfortable for all users.

the solution

Our design approach focused on creating a flexible and multipurpose space capable of accommodating various events such as talks, workshops, knowledge-sharing sessions, and networking nights – while also providing a productive environment for members to utilise for coworking or meeting with their clients and partners. Additionally, an emphasis was placed on delivering an elegant experience for members, ensuring that every aspect of the space exuded sophistication and refinement. 

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