project details

Client: IPG Mediabrands
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 21, 600
Project Completed: 2024
Type: Design & Build 
Industry: Advertising
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia

project summary

IPG Mediabrands is a client-first, consulting-led, community-driven network of 13,000 media and marketing specialists spanning over 130 countries. Through their diverse portfolio of brands and a culture of collaboration, IPG delivers media and marketing expertise needed to invest smarter and drive business growth, both now and in the future.

To invigorate the workspace and excite employees about working in the office, Paperspace was tasked with redesigning the space to enhance the IPG Mediabrands and foster a cohesive and unified atmosphere, despite the presence of various brands within the office. The workspace was refreshed to highlight each business unit, maintaining their distinct brand identities while contributing to a renewed and vibrant environment.

the challenge

Given that the office houses five distinct business units, each with its own branding and colors, finding a common design language for the common areas was a significant challenge. We maximised the budget by striking the right balance: creating an impressive and cohesive front-of-house while ensuring the back-of-house was highly functional.

the solution

The renovation of IPG Mediabrands’ office focused on creating a cohesive and welcoming front-of-house area, including a powerful main entrance with an outstanding reception and holding area for clients, vendors, and partners. The design concept features a monochrome palette with accents representing each brand, embodying the “one for all” theme. 

Upon entry, the media wall in the reception area showcases the company’s diverse media content. Meanwhile, the town hall area on the left features organic lighting accents. This multifunctional space can be adapted for various company activities, showcases, and photoshoots. 

The back-of-house area was refurbished with new flooring, redesigned workstations to support hot-desking, and branded graphics that reflect each business unit’s identity. A multipurpose boardroom with operable walls adds versatility. 

The design process was collaborative, with representatives from each brand participating in workshops to ensure all needs were integrated, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among the diverse brands within IPG Mediabrands. 

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