project details

Client: Siam Nuwat Co., Ltd.
Location: 989 Siam Piwat Tower, 8th Floor, Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Size: 8,611 sft
Completed: March 2019
Type: Headquarters Design
Industry: Real Estate Development
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, Design Dept

project summary

Siam Nuwat Co., Ltd. is a flourishing real estate developer focused on building comfortable residential condominiums whilst staying true to its vision to uphold sustainable urban living that brings “smiles and laughter” to its clients. Relatively young in the market, it has produced great and unique projects that easily pique the interest of its target audience.

In providing clients a first-hand experience from the comforts of their units, Siam Nuwat sought the assistance of Paperspace to revamp its headquarters, located right in the middle of Siam Center.

With Paperspace, the company was able to:

  1. Capture the perfect condominium experience by showcasing similar products and set ups of its units at the headquarters, successfully bringing the sense of home into an office.
  2. Maximise real estate through the strategic planning of multiple offices and co-working spaces within the floor plan, as well creating a transition tunnel that would lead to even cozier areas.
  3. Bring a luxurious touch to the office with carefully selected materials.
  4. Create a comfortable workplace for employees, and a cozy welcome for clients and guests.

the challenge

True to their goal of creating the perfect lifestyle, Siam Nuwat wanted to showcase the exact look and feel of its condominium projects unto its main headquarters, giving clients a sense of home within the space. Besides comfort, the company wanted to showcase its concept of understated class in its living spaces.

the solution

Comfort, style and practicality were the top priorities in the design plan. One key design feature that elevated the walk-in experience is the transition tunnel that leads you right through to the Front of House space that hosts guests, as well as a semi-co working space. The walk-through is reminiscent of a gallery that showcases Siam Nuwat’s portfolio of condominium projects. Additionally, to replicate the condominium tour experience across the floor, a CEO room and multiple meeting rooms initiate the transition from open to enclosed rooms. Elegant shades of white and gold were picked within the workspace to convey understated class and modern elegance of the brand.

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