project details

Client: The Able by King Power
Location: Thailand
Size: 17,222 sq. ft
Project Completed: 2024
Type: Design Consultancy
Industry: Retail 
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia

project summary

The Able by King Power is a groundbreaking initiative spearheaded by the “Boundary Breakers” team at King Power Corporation Co., Ltd. Their objective is to propel King Power into new realms of possibility through the power of technology and innovation, grounded in a profound understanding of customers and business acumen.

To support this transformative vision, Paperspace designed a young and vibrant workspace that encourages creativity, collaboration, and socialisation which is perfect for King Power’s new digital transformation team, tasked with leading organisational change. 

the challenge

Due to time limitations, the project required parallel exercises in design and execution with overlapping tasks to meet deadlines. Efficient resource management and cost-effective solutions were implemented to ensure high-quality and design integrity throughout the space’s development. The dynamic approach allowed for flexibility and creativity in meeting the evolving needs of the brand, ensuring that the final design aligned perfectly with the company’s vision and identity.

the solution

Our design approach ensured that every aspect of the workspace reflected the company’s vision—ambitious, bold, creative, determined, and energetic. We implemented an agile workspace with hot desking and flexible configurations to foster adaptability and efficiency, while seamlessly integrating the new brand into the physical space, making the design a tangible representation of King Power’s identity.  

Leveraging insights from a previous workplace strategy project for King Power, the decision-makers were empowered to make well-informed decisions and streamline processes, all while operating within the constraints of a tight timeline.

The reception area showcased the branding with patterned ceilings and walls, creating dynamic visual experiences from different angles. The workspace included various specialised areas: a versatile town hall for events and gatherings; an art wall with a textured mural that embraces the brand’s essence; and open coworking spaces encouraging spontaneous interactions and collaboration.

The meeting rooms offered diverse configurations, ranging from traditional layouts to relaxed, brainstorming-friendly environments. Each space was enhanced with vibrant artistic murals, carefully curated to ignite creativity and inspire collaborative thinking. The back of the house was dedicated to marketing, business development, and engineering teams, while product test rooms were equipped for application testing and user feedback, facilitating direct interaction between developers and end-users.

The boardroom was designed to convey a more serious and professional tone, suitable for important meetings and discussions. It utilised the firm’s corporate colors, which reinforced the company’s brand identity and created a cohesive visual experience. Graphic elements were also thoughtfully incorporated into the design, adding a modern touch without detracting from the room’s professional ambiance. 

To cater to the need for private and confidential conversations, private phone booths were installed in the coworking area. These booths provided employees with secluded spaces where they could make important phone calls without distractions. In addition, charging stations were strategically placed to address the need for power access in a hot desking environment. 

The pantry was creatively designed to be a vibrant and engaging space, featuring painted illusions that seamlessly extended across the ceiling, walls, and floor. This artistic approach transformed the pantry into a visually stimulating area that encouraged relaxation and social interaction among employees. 

The overall design was young, colorful, and vibrant, sparking creativity throughout the workspace. 

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