project details

Client: True Digital Academy
Location: Thailand
Size: 4,305.56 sft.
Project Completed: 2020
Type: Education Complex
Industry: Telecommunication Group
Collective Members: Paperspace, Studio of Design 

project summary

True Digital Academy is a telecommunication group that helps individuals stay inspired and relevant by supercharging or transforming their digital careers. They do this through reskilling and upskilling courses across 7 digital areas, and through building an active community for sharing knowledge and opportunities.  In partnership with  General Assembly, the world’s leading provider of adult digital training and pioneer in digital career transformation, True Digital Academy offers award-winning curriculum, hands-on learning, mentorship, and support on career outcomes.

In the beginning, True Digital Academy only offered digital training to their in-house staff. After realizing how their digital training could help individuals to further their digital careers, they decided to expand their digital training services to the public, thus asking Paperspace to turn the retail space in  their office into a training area they can use for training sessions. 

With the help of Paperspace, True Digital Academy was able to:

  • Expand their digital training services publicly and help a lot more individuals in supercharging and transforming their digital careers.
  • Provide a multi-purpose space that can be used as a training room, meeting room, conference room, or even a collaborative space for the people.

the challenge

One of the main challenges Paperspace encountered when designing the training space, is that the area is not an actual dedicated space. The area is a public corridor and there is no clear boundary between the public and private spaces. It is a transition area between the retail space and another workshop area. Given that the area is not big, the client wanted to maximize the use of space however they can.  As for the look and feel of the training space, the client wanted to adapt General Assembly’s branding and the building’s green element  into it.

the solution

Through the use of conceptual design, Paperspace proposed to the client the concept of learning that transforms to a Brain cell to give their space more identity. Thus, the light framework in the ceiling is inspired by the shape of the brain, which symbolizes the educational aspect of the academy. The color scheme is minimal to incorporate the General Assembly’s look and feel into the space.  

The training area is divided into 4 areas: 2 small rooms and 2 main big rooms. To maximize the use of space, the 2 main big rooms can be combined with the workshop area should there be a need for a larger use of space. The training rooms were  made flexible so it can be used not only as a training area but also as a meeting room, conference room, or collaborative space. 

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