project details

Client: Verasu
Location: Thailand
Size: 8,200 sft.
Project Completed: March 2022
Type: Workplace Design
Industry: Retail

project summary

Established in 1977, Verasu  is Thailand’s leading Household Appliances Import Company.  As the modern pioneer who imported the first microwave oven in Thailand, the organisation’s modern vision and reliability has been passed down from one generation to the next. Through the years, Verasu continuously expanded its business and explored additional markets such as environmentally friendly products, Vista Cafe, and etc.

Verasu recognizes the importance of a pleasant workplace where employee needs and priorities are addressed in order to retain and recruit talents. With the future of work and the varying age groups of employees within the office in mind, Verasu tapped Paperspace to help them achieve their business goals through the Hybrid Office.

the challenge

In response to the organisation’s vision of transforming into a Hybrid Office, there is a need to consider the varying age group of the employees and the sustainability of the business. Thus, all spaces need to be designed for various work functions that will encourage productivity and give employees a pleasant experience when returning back to the office.

the solution

In order to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the office was given a warm and vibrant feel despite the modern design. Personal work desks were transformed into Hot Desks, increasing the bright and spacious areas which was the priority during the space planning. To encourage collaboration, socialisation, and innovation within the office, multi-functional spaces such as Townhall, discussion booth, phonebooth, and alternative work desks were provided. Meanwhile, the iconic “V” pattern was embedded into multiple spaces such as the lift hall, office entrance, and mini gallery that shows Verasu’s long standing history.

The new pleasant and flexible work environment encourages productivity while empowering work-life balance, hence receiving positive feedback from executives and employees. Work remains as ever, but the improved environment produces better performance. Moreover, the transformation brought about positive emotions from the employees, which helped the organisation retain talents. Visitors and partners are also impressed with the new welcoming and storytelling design.

Increasing collaboration environments are created from its office space planning, and encouraged to build a strong relationship among the employees. The interaction, discussion, understanding, and connection are further developed from the redesigned space; additionally, it helps to relieve the executives and HR by grasping its fundamental function for team building. The new designed space promoted the empathy of the employees that are in the different departments, turned the stranger’s voice into the colleague’s voice, changed the intense activities into energetic movement, and turned the chaos into liveliness,”  according to Verasu’s management. 

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