Transform your workplace into a Hybrid Office in just 4 Steps

Transform your workplace into a Hybrid Office in just 4 Steps



Client: Bangkok Capital Asset Management
Location: Thailand
Size: 4,750 sft
Completed: June 2018
Type: Workplace
Industry: Banking
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, Studio of Design


Bangkok Capital Asset Management or BCAP is a funds management company, a subsidiary of Bangkok Bank. It is a high-performing fund management company that has earned a great reputation over the years. Their customers are mostly the socio-cultural and business elites of Thailand.

With help from Paperspace and Studio of Design, the company was able to:

  • Engage its clients better through a more inclusive design philosophy inherent across the office.
  • Communicate a professional, experienced outlook behind its daily work, while adhering to corporate branding standards.


When it comes to designing their new office, we had to think about serving the requirements of a fast-growing company. We also had to familiarise and comply with regulations from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand. Our challenge was to remain uncompromising on the building’s functionality while ensuring the BCAP corporate identity and its values are communicated well to their customers and visitors.


Paperspace crafted a pleasant and tasteful journey for their customers by creating a welcoming atmosphere across the building. We did this by using dramatic lighting  and an exceptionally unique and rich set of materials in the holding area and boardroom. This includes a combination of materials such as velvet, and dark wood with copper inlay. This, together with natural light,  created an energetic vibe that would extend to anyone entering the workspace. We overlaid the modern, clean design with  a hint of luxury in the gold glitter film on the glass to tile back the look and feel to the front of the house.