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Project: Infineum
Location: Singapore
Size: 17,244 sq.ft
Project Duration: 8 months
Completed: 2018
Type: Workplace Transformation
Industry: Chemicals
Studios involved: Kemp & Associates and Paperspace Asia


With a highly enclosed, disconnected workspace, and silo-led working culture, there would be a need for a culture change. The workspace would also have to change towards a more open, connected and shared workspace, with choice spaces to support different work styles, enhancing individual productivity and nurturing new key behaviours. It was therefore essential that Infineum’s leaders were convinced of the need for a cultural shift first so their buy-in could be attained, thereby leading by example and empowering staff  to embrace  new behaviours.


The strategy was split into three phases – Workplace Transformation, Design Collaboration, and Change Management – with an emphasis on leadership engagement and strategy development. By taking a proactive role in engaging with the organisation, Paperspace and Kemp & Associates were able to present data from senior leaders, staff focus groups and surveys, to inform senior leaders about their opportunities  and solutions.  Strategy findings highlighted a desire from both leaders and staff to embrace change, and there was enough common ground to define a transformative solution based on six new areas of organisational focus  and eight new space principles.


Kemp & Associates and Paperspace Asia