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Kasame Associates


Project: Kasame and Associates
Location: Thailand
Size: 3,230 sq ft
Project Duration: 3-4 months
Completed: 2018
Type: Workplace
Industry: Legal
Collective: Open plan, Paperspace


Kasame & Associates has been providing legal and intellectual property protection services to corporations for more than 30 years. Their clients are mainly in Thailand and Japan. They wanted to transform their old office to a modern yet elegant workspace in hopes of attracting a new generation of professionals. The intent was to enable them to work efficiently, and introduce them to a better way of working. 


While the requirement was to provide a workspace that attracted a younger workforce, the client also requested for private offices for their attorneys to maintain work confidentiality. These offices were to be placed by the window.

Their old office also had poor lighting – both interior lighting and  natural light entering the space was limited. This had a huge impact on the wellness of the staff. Given that Kasame & Associates is a law office, almost everyone has a large pile of documents on his/her table which also contributes to an atmosphere of disorder and lacking in inspiration. 


Through time utilisation studies and management interviews, Paperspace Asia gathered enough data to determine how best to tackle the problem. From closely observing the way staff worked it was clear that staff were working  individually with lots of documents. The management wanted to create a culture of teamwork and heighten collaboration so individuals would feel supported in their work.

Hence, the Paperspace Asia Team embarked on a concept consisting of open workstations to promote social interaction and make individuals feel part of a team. Open workstations would also  allow for spontaneous interjection and facilitate creative thinking. A Japanese aesthetic was chosen to exude a modern elegance, while private offices were placed by the windows and walls were made of glass to allow ample natural light,  giving them a more open and comfortable feel. To tackle the challenge of disorder, more cabinets were tastefully worked into the design to provide more storage options. 

Open plan, Paperspace