Transform your workplace into a Hybrid Office in just 4 Steps

Transform your workplace into a Hybrid Office in just 4 Steps

Learn Corporation: Learn Anywhere


Client: Learn Corporation Co., Ltd.
Location: Thailand
Size: 21,527.82 sft.
Project Completed: 2021
Type: Retail
Industry: Learning Organization
Collective Members: Paperspace, Decign Dept


Learn Corporation is the first innovative learning organisation that brings technology into learning to meet the needs of all people from different ages. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has developed into a business from a tutor, to promote different types of learning. Learn Corporation currently has 10 business groups, with more than 800 employees nationwide, still committed to developing the business to grow steadily. 

One of the business groups under Learn Corporation is Learn Anywhere. Learn Anywhere is an app that offers online courses for students on all subjects and levels, whether the courses are from OnDemand or Ignite by OnDemand. Learn Anywhere is another innovation from Learn Corporation that is developed to truly meet the lifestyle of the new generation, wherever and whenever they want to learn. Learn Corporation once again tapped Paperspace to help design Learn Anywhere’s co-learning space, made exclusively for the convenience of their students. 

With assistance from Paperspace, Learn Anywhere was able to:

  • Create a co-learning space that finds the balance between formal and collaborative learning
  • Encourage students to be productive in a fun and comfortable learning environment
  • Design multiple learning facilities from focused to collaborative learning 


Design a co-learning space that encourages productivity, without sacrificing the “fun” in it to entice students to use the area. The learning spaces should excite the students, but at the same time give a balance of formal learning. Another challenge Paperspace encountered is understanding the needs and requirements of the users, which are mostly youthful students. 


Learning Anywhere is not just a co-learning space solely focused on teaching students, they also encourage students to connect, socialise, and collaborate with their peers even outside the classroom. To motivate students to find a balance between formal and collaborative learning, Learning Anywhere placed multiple facilities from self-study classroom, live classroom, co-learning, and recreational area. Students can freely use the spaces as they need, giving them the freedom to learn and not limiting themselves from leaning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Lounge areas are also placed for non-member students who are visiting and relatives who are waiting to pick-up their kids. 

In Learning Anywhere, a student only needs two things to have access in quality education: a learning device and wifi. Meanwhile, learning does not stop for students who don’t have their own laptops or computers, as they can come by the co-learning space to use the equipment center readily available for students. Learning Anywhere is a two-tier co-learning space that inspires students to learn, without sacrificing fun, comfort, and socialisation with their peers.