Transform your workplace into a Hybrid Office in just 4 Steps

Transform your workplace into a Hybrid Office in just 4 Steps

Wise Ltd. (formerly Transferwise)


Client: Wise Ltd. (formerly Transferwise)
Location: Singapore
Size: 26, 000 sq ft
Completed : January 2021
Type: Workplace Design & Build
Industry: FinTech Services


UK-based digital payments firm Wise has accounted APAC as the fastest growing region and expanded its Singapore office to cater to its widened pool of customers, partners and businesses.

In response to its business goals, the Singapore office was positioned as a Destination Workplace – common ground that brings people together for collaboration, creativity and innovation. Office design looked to retain nostalgic reminiscence to its start-up years, while reflecting its growth and adaptation to new ways of working accelerated in the digital payments world.


The office needed to plan for headcount growth, multi-purpose functions & activities, and public safety features to rebuild confidence in people when they return to office with new expectations, habits and ways of working.


Top priorities in design space planning looked to promote flexibility, versatility and wellness. Modular furniture, connecting neighbourhoods, helped to lower barriers between teams and encouraged cross-functional collaboration with technology-integrated spaces. The wellness zone decked out with multiple facilities promoted an avenue for relaxation and respite from the office bustle. The well-received outcome of this project delivery, validated from return-to-office rates since 2021 certainly demonstrates our capabilities aligning with Wise’s global workplace strategy and understanding of the organization’s needs, goals and culture.