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What About Collaboration?

No man is an island. Cliched, but true. The formula is simple: pick the best people who perform their best at a particular design stage, then link these talents, whether they are individuals or design studios, and form a golden tag team.   That is the perfect scenario.

Collaboration has its Perks and Quirks

Compared to working in silos or within a studio, design ideas and thought processes tend to a single-track event. Precisely because everyone within the studio shares the same culture, breathes the same air, and takes cues from the same directive brain. Simply put, it is a homogeneous way of designing. Often, we slip into our comfort zone and hit a plateau.

Going into a collaboration helps different groups come together. It is a great way to jumpstart the learning curve and enjoy the adrenaline rush of an upward swing!

We are as Good as our Weakest Link

Let’s face it, every individual or design studio has its own modus operandi. In bringing this talent pool together, there is a high chance that someone, during the process spanning concept to completion, will have to agree to disagree and leave our egos at the doorstep. Collaborations are much like a 4 x 100m medley relay with each swimmer performing at their best individual stroke in the pool.

In our case, each member of the collaborative team performs our best craft to the most minute detail. Like it or not, we are as good as our weakest link. What this means is that on top of being at your best performance in your craft, we train to be the best team player we can be.