Elevating the human spirit
through workplace innovation

Elevating the human
spirit through
workplace innovation

founding story

Driven by a belief that the environment we work in significantly impacts our productivity and well-being, Paperspace was born out of a vision to revolutionize the world of interior design and workplace strategy. Realising the immense potential for transforming traditional office spaces into vibrant and inspiring hubs of creativity, our founders were determined to bring a breath of fresh air into Asia’s workplace strategy, in a period where traditional interiors stifled innovation and collaboration.

our timeline

Today, Paperspace Asia continues to create stunning spaces that transcend the boundaries of conventional office design. Read about our evolving journey of pushing the boundaries of creativity.


Paperspace is founded by
Sombat Ng and Narita Cheah


Paperspace regional offices are set up in Bangkok and Manila


Paperspace headquarters in Singapore is officially established


Landmark projects with Credit Suisse in Singapore, Kantar in the Philippines, and the world’s leading search engine in Thailand are secured


Paperspace revamps its business strategy to include workplace innovation approach


Paperspace launches the ‘What Office Type Are You™’ (WOTAY) research and The Office, Disrupted Exhibition as part of the Future Hybrid Workplace initiative


Paperspace Asia appoints Narita Cheah as CEO, Karen Calalec as COO, and Sombat Ng as CXO


Paperspace launches its Strategic Insights Series as an ongoing string of events for business leaders across Asia


accelerating business performance through workplace strategy and design

We deliver business performance for organizations through strategy and design. We believe in design as a tool to drive innovation and solve organizational problems using a customised and individual approach. We are co-creating spaces that redefine our way of work through optimising space alongside new demands of hybrid work.


to be recognised globally
as Asia’s leader in
workplace innovation

We are working towards building new ways of defining productivity in the workplace. Work can and will be performed differently, increasingly requiring greater connectivity across an ecosystem of different locations. Paperspace is working hard towards contributing to this future.


We do what we love with the people we trust. Through a keen focus on customer-centricity, we add value to every project and consistently build lasting relationships with our clients based on a shared commitment to success.


At our core, we accelerate performance through exploring and processing complex issues in a structured series of design solutions, each uniquely tailored to provide maximum value from all parts of the design.


We are committed to creating a work environment where members feel valued and motivated to do their best work. By prioritising physical and mental wellbeing of our members, we create positive work conditions whilst ensuring the long-term success of our company.


We are curious and challenge the status quo to inspire creativity and breakdown boundaries wherever and whenever we can.


We believe in teamwork and seize opportunities where diverse perspectives and unique individuals can come together to ideate and create.

our people

Narita Cheah

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The maker of Paperspace. A designer, business ideator and change advocate who believes that magic happens when we unlock the secrets of bridging diverse talents.


Sombat Ng

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

The brainchild of Paperspace. An entrepreneur in nature, he challenges the status quo and embraces new ideas by taking the road less travelled.


Karen Calalec

Chief Operating Officer

The torchbearer of Paperspace. Karen continually ensures the implementation of company strategy, displaying her strong leadership acumen in driving the brand toward success.


Audrey Chin

Chief People Officer

Guardian and transformer of our internal structure and process- the glue that holds us together.

Ally Marpraneet

Head of Operations Thailand

Her hunger for entreupreunial experiences makes her a sought after partner on non-typical assignments. Nothing is too challenging for her.

Joel Golimlim

Country Head, Philippines

With a keen eye for details, he leads technical teams through a systematized documentation approach and practical problem solving on-site.

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