Paperspace is greater than the sum of its parts.

Collaboration is an essential parts of our lives. Every day, we work with the people around us, interacting with others so we can do more with what is available to us. We divide work and distribute it so everybody works to their strengths, because it’s just more effective. It is this collaborative spirit that drove friends and partners Narita Cheah and Sombat Ngamschlermsak to create Paperspace.

We have created a collective of experienced, independent designers from a multitude of professional and personal backgrounds, all based in Singapore, Bangkok or Manila. These creative talents share resources, fresh ideas and work with each other to push the envelope, bend industry standards and encourage innovation. Paperspace connects these designers to you based on your project requirements and help develop transparent and positive relationships between them and you. That means you get a dream team helping you bring your vision to life, every time.

We break the rules. We innovate. We achieve.