Employee-Fueled Growth: Wise’s Singapore Consistent Revamps for Happiness & Expansion

18 January 2024

Wise, a UK-based digital payments firm, has seen notable hiring expansions in 2018, 2020, and 2023, necessitating a forward-looking office to accommodate growing headcounts and solidify their commitment to the Singapore market.

Since 2020, Paperspace Asia worked with Wise twice to transform their workplace from startup to scale-up, aligning with their “Destination Workplace” goal, enhancing ROI through:

  • Financial CapEx: Strategic investment optimization improved the employee experience, fostering inter-team collaboration and faster customer responses.
  • Talent Strategy: Emphasizing flexibility, versatility, and employee wellness, our design fosters a sense of belonging within the Wise community.
  • Workplace Optimization: Multi-purpose spaces were introduced, easily reconfigurable and adaptable to ambitious growth plans, ensuring Wise’s evolving needs were met.

The project’s success is evident in Wise’s increased return-to-office rates and efficient space optimization. With a focus on employee well-being, including flexible arrangements, 18 weeks of parental leave, and a “me day” for self-care, Wise is nationally recognized as a great workplace.

Watch a testimonial of our work with Wise below:

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