How to Avoid the Layoff Trap

Companies are laying off ​employees by the thousands, ​but never let that influence you ​to use it as a quick cost-cutting ​measure. Learn from the ​mistakes of other CEOs who ​faced negative consequences ​by taking this route. ​

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With the World Bank predicting the worst half-decade in over 30 years for the global economy, it signals a pressing need for strategic workforce ​management. Many companies are looking to layoffs as a short-term cost-cutting tool, but it can only deal more harm in the long run.​

The lasting damage on morale, reputation, and future growth is never worth it – especially when that valuable talent could be the key personnel to ​help you recover from a potential upcoming recession.

Paperspace Asia’s latest eBook ‘How to Avoid the Layoff Trap’ dives into the 5 strategies every company should employ for a smarter and ​more sustainable way to cost optimise.

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2024 How to Avoid the Layoff Trap eBook

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