project details

Client: Bluebik
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 12,350sqft.
Project Completed: 2023
Type: Design Consultancy, Design & Build
Industry: Consultancy
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia

project summary

As a digital transformation consulting firm, Bluebik Group’s ambitious goal to become a global player in its industry meant that its office needed to reflect the top-of-the-line standard that its work exhibits. To accommodate the expanding headcount, Bluebik’s workspaces are designed with an open-space concept in mind. 

the challenge

Providing the top-of-the-line services means Bluebik requires the top-of-the-line facilities to back them up. In order to provide a premiere customer experience, the company looked to revamp the front-of-house lobby – while also doing an overhaul of the workspaces to prepare for the influx of work that the company expects from its expansion and push towards better service. 

the solution

The workstations are meant to evoke the feeling of a start-up, to remind their people of where they came from while also allowing for easier collaborations by breaking down the literal walls between the hierarchy – placing everyone in the same areas. It also includes a variety of settings to accommodate different work styles, including private phone booths and treadmills for those who prefer to work “on the go.”

Where the workstations aim to create a sense of camaraderie, Bluebik’s front-of-house office is meant to impress. Designed with events and meetings in mind, clients that visit the space want to have confidence in the work that the company does – and having a lobby that’s as spacious as it is comprehensive only reflects on the forward-thinking nature that Bluebik brings to the table.

The reception emulates the professionalism of MNCs, with an expansive town hall area to hold guests or have casual discussions. A pantry is also included in the front of the house as a soothing touchpoint for people to wind down.

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