project details

Client: Boonrawd Brewery
Location: Thailand
Size: 10,441 sft.
Project Completed: 2021
Type: Workplace
Industry: Foods and Beverages
Collective Members: Paperspace

project summary

For almost 90 years, Boonrawd Brewery Co., Ltd., has been conducting business in the Food and Beverages industry with carefulness in all manufacturing processes in order to deliver quality products to its customers. Acknowledged in local and world markets, Boonrawd Brewery now has 9 manufacturing companies, always giving priority to quality and cleanliness  ensuring customers’ confidence and satisfaction in their products.

Boonrawd Brewery engaged with Paperspace to design a floor in their headquarters where their finance department will be moving into. With assistance from Paperspace, Boonrawd Brewery was able to:

  • Create a quiet conducive environment where employees can work with limited distraction.
  • Optimize and use their budget wisely without compromising on the project design and materials.

the challenge

Paperspace wanted to find a way to lessen the cost and use the client’s budget wisely without compromising on the design and function of the spaces by blending the existing design into the new one.

the solution

Given that this particular office was created for the finance department, it is no wonder that most of their employees are fixed on their desks when working. Since this is a Cabin office type, employees needed a quiet conducive environment for highly individualised work. As such, the office includes ample enclosed spaces to safeguard confidentiality and limit distractions. In addition, even though the office has a traditional setup, Paperspace was able to incorporate a modernized theme making the surrounding fresh and sophisticated at the same time. Given that the employees come to the office 5 days a week, Paperspace made sure that the employees feel comfortable in their own personal workspaces. 

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