project details

Client: Chememan
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 5,000sqft.
Project Completed: 2022
Type: Design Consultancy
Industry: Chemical Manufacturing Manufacturing
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia

project summary

Chememan PCL (CMAN), Bangkok Office, is a fully-integrated producer of lime and lime-derivative chemical products, including quicklime, hydrated lime, and limestone – serving markets in Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Following the pandemic, Chememan sought to establish a new way of working for its employees within their office in Bangkok city. To implement hybrid work without neglecting their workers who wished to continue their usual work routines, the two floors they had were separated into one designed for hybrid work and the other meant for traditional work. Paperspace was able to provide the best of both worlds for Chememan’s employees while also incorporating design elements inspired by their products to channel the natural feeling of their headquarters into the office.

the challenge

As a company with decades of experience behind them, Chememan had to take drastic steps to introduce hybrid working in order to appeal to a new generation of workers. They were unsure how hybrid work could be incorporated into their current office set-up and decided to consult Paperspace for a workplace design that would be familiar while also forward-thinking.

the solution

After proposing a number of hybrid working scenarios, the final design for Chememan’s workplace saw a split in workstyles across their two floors. One floor was geared for hybrid work – with a mix of traditional private offices and hot desks, along with a newly-implemented booking system to facilitate the flow of employees each day. The other floor sticks to the traditional private rooms and cubicles that long-term employees are more used to, allowing them to continue enjoying their way of work too. This creates an office environment that offers a range of workspaces that appeal to collaborative and focused work.

Paperspace took in a lot of considerations to bring Chememan’s intangible corporate identity into their workplace. In their reception area, visitors will be greeted by a featured limestone wall – sourced directly from Chememan’s headquarters and factories. We emphasised experience – visitors would get a figurative and literal sense of the service that Chememan will be able to provide them the moment they step into the office. The limestone and other elements found in the products are also used throughout the office, such as their meeting rooms.

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