project details

Client: Confidential Financial Services Company
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Size: 5,866 sft.
Project Completed: February 2021
Type: Workplace
Industry: Investment Management Services
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, M.Lab Project,
Hot Design Folks

project summary

This confidential Financial Services client is a China and Southeast Asia-focused private equity firm, investing in industry-leading consumer companies. With an aim to take an active role in supporting its investee companies, it is the organisation’s mission to strengthen relationships with its clients and foster trust through its knowledge, experience, and hospitality.

Our client’s ideal office needed to have a perfect blend of entertainment and productivity – prioritising a casual environment for its employees and acting as a respite for clients that visit. As an investment firm, the client advocates for transparency, which their office reflects. Each part of the workplace is designed to comfortably touch down, be it pressing discussions in the front-of-office or casual banter by the pantry space.

the challenge

The proposed design was a far cry from the existing traditional office space filled with cubicles. We had to revamp the entire space to  make sure there was a right amount of workspaces while balancing it out with the social and entertainment areas. It was also important to support these changes with an underlying layer of elegance and comfort. The pandemic also contributed to an added layer of complexity when it came to maintaining our standard of quality during the renovation process.

the solution

We emphasised an atmosphere of hospitality and quality for the office – introducing a softness that is commonly felt in high-end hotels and restaurants. It comes with characteristics that would encourage social interactions as people immerse themselves in the comfort of the many collaborative spaces and touchdown points available.

This includes a custom-made mini bar from Italy’s Poltrona Frau, which takes on the appearance of a luggage case that we have placed in the lounge area. It adds elements of playfulness and character to the workplace, where visitors can enjoy the variety of alcohol the company has prepared for them.

Natural light also contributes to the serene nature of the office. By maximising the connection to daylight with floor-to-ceiling windows, employees can feel like they are in touch with nature – inducing feelings of harmony and purity of mind. It was important to us to ensure that everyone would feel balanced as they entered the workspace. 

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