project details

Client: Confidential Tech Company 01
Location: Level 32, Menarco Tower, BGC
Size: 15,070 sft.
Completed: March 2018
Type: Workplace
Industry: Technology
Collective members: Paperspace Asia, Graphite Studio

project summary

This Confidential Tech Company 3 is one of the world’s biggest online social networking sites, helping bring people together in communities of common interests. It is known for innovation and creativity, applying those characteristics to the task of strengthening families and friendships. 

With the assistance of Paperspace (Singapore and Philippines) as well as Graphite Studio, the company has: 

  • Generated creativity among its employees by installing features designed to foster collaboration and inter-departmental engagement.
  • Highlighted the uniqueness and vitality of Filipino culture by integrating its design archetypes across the workspace redesign.

the challenge

We were engaged by a tech giant to create a space efficient workspace. Cues were drawn from the industrial concept and trademark design that is prevalent in other global offices, while the aesthetics were injected with a local familiarity that echoes the personality of its Filipino employees.

the solution

To echo the tech giant’s core business, which encourages self expression, the design was kept intentionally raw and free for creativity and expression. One of the highlights of the space is a karaoke machine, installed in one of the main rooms to serve as a place to collaborate or let loose. A jeepney, one of the most popular means of public transportation ubiquitous in the Philippines, is prominently displayed, symbolising the seamless incorporation of corporate identity and local flavor.

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