project details

Client: Confidential Tech Company 02
Location: Vista Hub, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
Size: 180,000 sft.
Project Duration: June 2017 –  April 2018
Project Completed: April 2018
Type: Workplace
Industry: IT/ Technology
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, Graphite Studio

project summary

This Confidential Tech Company 2 is one of the world’s top technology innovators. Known for its  boundless creativity and problem-solving mindset, the company continues to make an impact in all of the sectors it works in.

With assistance from Paperspace, the company was able to:

  • Foster a 21st century mindset among its employees by implementing design changes directly contributing to increased morale and productivity
  • Maximize its office space by allowing various uses for each sub-area, easy transitioning from one function to another, and scaling up of the workforce as needed

the challenge

To create a user-centric workplace that is gunned for growth and optimised towards productivity. Client experience was also prioritized in making end users feel comfortable in a 180,000 sq ft space.

the solution

Spaces are designed flexible to play up versatility, and each room provides a number of configurations for various utilities. Rooms can convert easily from an open space for collaboration to a standard classroom setup to enable various breakout zones for discussions and sharing. The offices are designed ready for headcount expansion with modular furniture and flexible setups.

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