project details

Client: Confidential Tech Company 03
Location: True Digital Park, Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 4,306 sft.
Completed: June 2019
Type: Education Complex Design
Industry: Digital Technology
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, Studio Grasshopper

project summary

This Bangkok institution is an educational facility that serves as Confidential Tech Client’s university outreach. It is the first of its kind in Asia for the tech giant and just its second such institution in the word. The Bangkok facility has a capacity of 150-200 students and aims to run multiple courses under the tech giant’s internally-developed program.

This education complex will open its doors to digital professionals, entrepreneurs, and cloud computing practitioners who want to learn highly specialised skill sets. The academy will then assist the graduates to land high-value jobs while working with businesses in Thailand to find great talents in the tech industry.

With the help of Paperspace, the company was able to:

  • Highlight and reinforce the organisation’s signature creativity by integrating this value across the office design.
  • Increase learning efficiency of its target learners by incorporating state-of-the-art equipment in its conference rooms and meeting halls.
  • Reinforce a sense of vitality and collaboration among the users of the facility by implementing a colorful tone and feel with nods to Thai culture.

the challenge

To achieve all of their impactful goals, the academy in Bangkok needed to be in a building that is conducive to learning. Since the client is a leading company in the tech and digital marketing industry, the educational facility has to live up to their name. It has to be a modern and high-tech complex that challenges the minds of the students and hones their skills. 

the solution

The institution’s facility in Bangkok has to be an immersive space that facilitates learning and, at the same time, convey the tech giant’s desire to increase skill set levels in the tech industry. Paperspace Asia was inspired by the idea that every individual holds so much promise, with each new student coming into a classroom ready to be filled up with knowledge – like a blank slate.

You can see this inspiration throughout the whole building. Walls are mostly kept white, as if inviting anyone to write, draw, or doodle on them. Of course, since this facility is in Bangkok, a few nods to the colorful Thai culture were incorporated. You can see this in design elements such as Thai characters stenciled on a blackboard that serves as a feature wall. Thai characters can also be seen in some parts of the ceiling.

Since this is a learning facility, the floorplan is mainly composed of multi-purpose rooms that serve as classrooms or a seminar/workshop space. There is a reception area and a pre-function room. Each of the classrooms is equipped with the needed tech for lectures, which include computer screens and projectors. The rooms also have top-notch acoustics to ensure that even the students at the backmost part can hear and absorb what is being taught.

At the reception area, you will see it adorned in splashes of colour to showcase the tech giant’s trademark. What makes this particular feature interesting is that you can redecorate it as many times as needed. Currently, paper cutouts of plants in different vibrant colours adorn it. However, that can be changed when the occasion requires it.

Bringing this academy in Bangkok to life is one of Paperspace’s proudest moments. We are happy to have been a part of this high-impact project that is sure to change the lives of many students and help businesses in Thailand reach another level of technical success.

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