project details

Client: Confidential Tech Company 04
Location: Q Sentral, West Wing, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Size: 13,347 sft
Completed: December 2018
Type: Corporate Office Design
Industry: Business
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, Studio of Design

project summary

As social media continues its global growth, the world is growing even more interconnected by the day. But this tech giant knew that Asia contained a lot of creative potential still left untapped. To harness that, they needed to build corporate offices in strategic locations across the continent.

With its reputation for a melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and Western cultures, Kuala Lumpur was the definite place to be. With “creative” workspaces all over the world, the tech giant envisioned their office in Kuala Lumpur as no different but with more of a focus on cultural diversity and respect for harmonious relations among peoples.

With the assistance of Paperspace Asia, the end result was a corporate office that:

  • Reflects the tech giant’s reputation as one of the biggest and most innovative social media companies in the world.
  • Provides a welcoming local vibe through the incorporation of design elements inspired by Asian culture and heritage.
  • Encourages productivity and collaboration among the employees.

the challenge

Paperspace had worked with Confidential Tech Client before to rejuvenate its office in Delhi. The project was deemed a huge success by the social media company, which then tapped on Paperspace again to design its offices in Manila and Kuala Lumpur. For the KL branch, the tech giant provided a highly detailed brief with instructions on maximising the space. Paperspace built on this brief, intending to frame the office as a meeting point between East and West, while adhering to the company’s technical specifications  

the solution

To live up to our client’s high standards, Paperspace coordinated and directed a team of designers, builders, and technical experts across Paperspace regions to create a well-designed and effective workspace in KL.

Since the project brief involved very specific standards and features to be incorporated, Paperspace made sure to pay attention to and execute every required detail. The final floor plan included a reception area, pantry, training area, lounge, workstations, and different sized conference rooms. 

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