project details

Client: Confidential Tech Company 05
Location: Philippines
Size: 350,000 sft
Completed: March 2020
Type: Workplace
Industry: BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing)
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, Graphite Studio

project summary

One of the world’s leading technology companies with offices across various continents engaged Paperspace Asia to design their facility in Quezon City, Philippines. The space was to reflect the prevailing ethos of its 3,000 employees, mostly from external business process outsourcing (BPO) units that service the tech giant’s requirements. Required amenities and support spaces are those consistently present in its offices worldwide. They were also looking for a design that is toned down and practical.

With assistance from Paperspace and Graphite Studio, the company was able to:

  • Highlight the uniqueness of the Filipino spirit by implementing design changes which tie back to cultural legacy and native ingenuity.
  • Cater to the millennial mindset of its workforce by providing staff with avenues for recreation, fun, and social engagement.
  • Facilitate greater employee productivity by balancing out needs of various stakeholders and functionality archetypes across various workspaces.

the challenge

Coming up with a design concept for such a large amount of office space with different companies occupying it could be daunting, but conceptualizing multiple designs is even more so. There were also quite a number of internal stakeholders and external consultants setting guidelines and determining requirements for Paperspace to follow.

the solution

Learning that end users were mostly Filipino millennials who are aspiration-driven, tech-savvy, and growth-oriented, Paperspace came up with and got approval for the following design concepts: Farming, Market, and Food Parks. These were allocated functionally per area of the building and thematically per floor.

Overall, the concept is distinctly Filipino with a modern twist. The building has a lot of open spaces, amplified by the use of locally-manufactured wall paneling and accents made of coconut and capiz. Bright colors were matched with more subdued tones to produce a balanced look.

Each room has a designated feel based on the activities to be conducted in it. There are nods to the Spanish colonial era, with arches and classical looks to be found across the structure.

A notable area of the building is its Instagram spot, where the various stakeholders could take selfies and bond with co-workers. It is underpinned by the use of installation artworks, which are changed depending on the period of the year and holiday currently being celebrated. 

Most projects of this scale have uniform themes, but with the tech company’s support, Paperspace was able to deliver concepts on a bigger scale of 14 floors with varied yet unified and cohesive themes. 

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