project details

Client: HealthServe
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Size: Approx. 1,000sf
Project Completed: 2021
Type: Workplace, Hospitality
Industry: Charity, Non-profit Organisation
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, HOT Design Folks, Kyoob Architects, Alternative, Kelvin & Frank

project summary

HealthServe is an IPC registered charity that serves disadvantaged migrant workers in Singapore through affordable healthcare, counseling and social assistance. 16 years since its inception at their Geylang Clinic, the volunteer-run organisation has become an essential pillar for the migrant worker community – and is an institution we are proud to partner with.

In Paperspace’s line of work, migrant workers are an indispensable part of our industry – the unsung heroes that turn our workplace designs into reality. Witnessing HealthServe’s mission to advocate for and raise awareness of the needs of migrant workers moved us to give back to this community that we value dearly.

HealthServe’s Geylang clinic retains the original structure and design of the Geylang Malay Girls School – lending the building a strong heritage. Paperspace partnered with HealthServe to improve the existing space for migrant workers – establishing a multi-purpose common area for them to socialise and hold their own events at. Not forgetting the amazing people that keep the organisation running, an upgraded office space was designed for HealthServe’s social workers too.

the challenge

As a heritage building, we had to preserve its history while adapting its interiors to modern standards. We had to be respectful of the changes we made, while also creating an environment that allows people from all walks of life to feel at ease in.

It was important for the new space to help break down barriers between social workers and the migrant workers.

the solution

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of our donors. The support was overwhelming and inspired us to produce a design that could give migrant workers a safe space to care for their physical and psychological health.

Made with an open concept layout and equipped with a pantry, the multi-function room is a dining-cum-rest area that gives its users a place to unwind. The chosen colour palette is soothing with touches of blue, green, and light brown from the wooden storage areas. This was so migrant workers would feel comfortable visiting HealthServe, and even more so when events or functions are being held in this space.

The office space at the back of the building also has an open concept layout. Carpeted floors and casual discussion areas were introduced to create a similar sense of comfort as the multi-function room. Employees are encouraged to make use of the rest of the areas aside from their work desks. Private counseling rooms were also installed for private meetings with clients.

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