project details

Client: Kantar
Location: Podium West Tower, Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines
Size: 12,200 sft.
Project Duration: June 2019 to January 2020
Type: Workplace Design
Industry: Marketing
Studios involved: Motif Studio, Paperspace

project summary

Kantar Philippines is one of the world’s leading Market Research experts in helping clients grow great brands by constantly analysing, understanding, and interpreting the world. They use data-based insights and qualitative, emotion-based acumen to drive successful marketing campaigns. Driven by the desire to increase cross-collaboration between teams, and improve productivity, in June 2019, Kantar engaged Paperspace to redesign their Philippines Office, strategically located at the heart of the Ortigas business and commercial district.

With the help of Paperspace and Motif Studio, a Paperspace Collective partner, the company has: 

  • Achieved their goal of promoting more interaction and collaboration among employees by creating an open plan layout supplemented by facilities such as a well-designed cafe that doubles as a town hall venue, and removing segregated office spaces for Business Leaders. 
  • Maximized the existing available space and improved real estate efficiency by implementing the principles of Activity Based Working (ABW) to achieve a 1:1.3 ratio, reflecting the work patterns of their employees. 
  • Reused 100 percent of the original workstation and office furniture to align with the firm’s commitment to sustainability and save costs, which were channeled into maximizing materials and room specifications to higher standard and quality of workmanship. 
  • Reflected Kantar’s belief in the company ecosystem and desire to develop employees’ potential to the maximum through a ‘Nature’ design theme that embodies this philosophy of continuous, interconnected growth.

the challenge

Based on their Think Design global standard, Kantar wanted to implement the principles of Activity-Based Working (ABW) in its office redesign, giving employees the freedom to choose how and where to work through a diverse set of workspace options available. More importantly, the company hopes to increase collaboration among its diverse teams and raise productivity across functions as one dynamic unit. 

the solution

To illustrate our client’s belief as “one ecosystem”, Paperspace adopted a theme of Nature for Kantar’s office design. It reflects Kantar’s desire to grow employees’ potential to the maximum, and draws out the interdependent nature of work across its units underscoring the belief that a sum is greater than its parts. A sculptural representation of a tree was strategically placed at the office entrance to embody this philosophy of continuous, interconnected growth. Natural materials and tones were also utilized, with natural finished bricks and a full wall moss greets everyone at the Reception area. Green and gray tones were also consistently adapted in the meeting rooms, from carpet floorings to fixtures and wood finishes.

Paperspace prioritized a comfortable 1:1.3 sharing ratio of persons to seats to ease the firm’s transition into ABW, aligning with its Think Design global standards comfortably especially for the first time users. The building’s angular corners initially posed a challenge as there was a considerable reduction to the Useable Floor Area. Working around limitations, Paperspace replaced open collaboration areas to shared desks in order to maintain sufficient overall seating capacity. Ample provision of lockers and other amenities were also provisioned,, maximizing the existing available space. 

Another marked decision was to place Business Leaders, CEO included, on the same shared floor with its employees. This decision was the first step to bringing down walls and facilitating synergy among its people.

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