project details

Client: Rabbit Cash
Location: Thailand
Size: 8,611.13 sft.
Project Completed: 2021
Type: Workplace
Industry: Digital Lending Service
Collective Members: Paperspace

project summary

Rabbit Cash, a digital lending service, is designed to connect all financial services for customers, allowing for easier, faster, and safer access to source of funds. Founded by VGI subsidiary BSS Holdings (BSSH), Aeon Thana Sinsap Thailand (Aeonts), and Humanica, Rabbit Cash aims for people to borrow money using proper systems through the company’s accredited business partners, instead of loan shark.

Launched as a new business unit by parent organization BSS Holdings Company Limited, Rabbit Cash tapped Paperspace to help them design & build their office.  Rabbit Cash, although a local Thai client, wanted their office to adapt the open space concept and incorporate the Hybrid Working Principle, where the hierarchy within the office isn’t distinguished by exclusive offices for the Managing Director and Managers.

With the help of Paperspace, Rabbit Cash was able to:

  • To create an open office space  that encourages solutioning and provides opportunities for teams and individuals to innovate, problem-solve, ideate, and share feedback.
  • Move into their newly built office space on time for their launching as promised by Paperspace.

the challenge

Although the client requested for Hybrid Office, it is untypical for local Thai offices to have such a concept. Therefore, Paperspace needed to make sure that the client understands the fundamentals of Hybrid Office from the office behaviour, culture, and benefits that it may bring. Paperspace also made sure that the client’s idea is aligned with our designs, thus carefully handling the project from the design process up to the construction phase.

the solution

Due to the situation brought by the pandemic, the client wasn’t able to physically visit the site as much as they would want to. Paperspace, however, knew the importance of involving the client in the process, thus suggesting the use of Virtual Reality (VR). With assistance from Builk 360°, an online platform that collaborates and monitors the process of construction sites with 360° technology, Paperspace was able to continuously engage the client throughout the journey from the design process up to the construction phase. By shooting the progress every week using a 360° camera, the client was able to access the view of the construction site and walk around virtually.

Given that Rabbit Cash preferred a Forum type of Hybrid Office, Paperspace made sure that the office design encourages solutioning and provides opportunities for teams and individuals to innovate, problem-solve, ideate, and share feedback. From the entrance, there is a huge social space which can also be used as a town hall, encouraging employees to interact and socialize with one another. Furthermore, designated office space for the workplace leaders, such as the Managing Director and Managers, were placed in the open office space to encourage communication and collaboration with the employees. Although the whole concept of the office is an open space, meeting rooms which can be used for private conversations are incorporated as well. In addition, a 2-meter high Rabbit mascot was placed in the reception area for branding purposes, as well as to make the office look more fun and lively. An instagrammable area is also made available where clients, visitors, and employees can take photos and share their Rabbit Cash memories on social media.

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