project details

Client: Rabbit Finance
Location: Krits Building, 1032/1-5, 14 Rama 4, Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 8,611.13sft.
Project Completed: 2020
Type: Workplace Design
Industry: Insurance
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, Studio of Design

project summary

Rabbit Finance is Thailand’s leading online financial marketplace, providing customers a service where they can be guaranteed great offers at the lowest price possible, as well as easy access with comprehensive and free online financial comparison tools. With its vision to serve as a long term partner for insurers and financial institutions in Thailand, it engaged Paperspace Asia in the middle of the pandemic, to design their office from scratch, in hopes of achieving a mature, corporate feel that may attract potential investors and financial partners.

Thus, with the help of Paperspace, the company was able to:

  • Achieve the perfect theme and design for the growing company by closely working in on the desired features sans compromising the overall quality and outcome.
  • Manage successfully the complete  construction of the office despite the looming presence of a pandemic.
  • Meet client expectations by continuously improving workplace designs until approval.

the challenge

To undergo complete renovation and construction in the middle of a pandemic where working from home is the norm is a challenge in itself; much more a number of design revisions until finally receiving our client’s approval. With a blank space, the company hopes to attract more investors and financial partners by promoting a formal yet friendly vibe, such that exudes maturity and forte.

the solution

In trying to achieve a balance between maintaining a formal and corporate disposition with being customer-friendly, Paperspace adapted a theme that may seem slightly typical, but definitely tailor-fit with Rabbit Finance’s standards. As a growing financial company, it is important to gain the trust of potential partners, from the moment they set foot into the company, hence prioritising the look and feel of the office, This eventually inspired the total formal corporate office theme.

Paperspace went through countless revisions, initially starting off with a design closely patterned after the company’s website to hopefully come up with the friendly aspect of the design. After a series of failed attempts, it finally met the client’s expectations, thus creating and maximising efficient spaces for the office.

The COVID-19 pandemic complicated execution of the plans, but the Paperspace team powered through it. In compliance with government regulations, social distancing and the wearing of masks was strictly implemented. Despite the mandated 50 percent reduction in the workforce doing the renovation, the project timeline was still adhered to through close communication of any desired changes via online platforms –  Zoom and Skype. 

As typical of a usual corporate office, Rabbit Finance’s 800-sqm. workspace includes a reception area, conference room, CEO room, multiple department rooms with partitions, among others. Although it may seem like a normal office, what makes it attractive is the right mix of simple and classy from the lighting down to the pop of classic and pastel colors. Overall, the goal to create a professional look conducive for a financial company was achieved despite initial logistical problems.

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