project details

Client: Rockworth Showroom
Location: Thailand
Size: 13,050 sft
Project Duration: 10 months
Completed: 2018
Type: Showroom
Industry: Office furniture
Collective Members: Paperspace Asia, Studio of Design, Open Plan

project summary

Rockworth is Thailand’s leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of quality office systems furniture. In 2018, rebranding efforts prompted the company to redesign their office, which also houses their showroom. 

With the help of Paperspace, and Paperspace Collective members Studio of Design and Open Plan, Rockworth has:

  • Attracted greater interest from clients and partners with an improved design, and updated amenities. 
  • Increased collaboration between staff and cut down on underutilized space by updating their traditional workspace arrangement to a flexible office arrangement complete with a public space, coworking space, concentration space, and conference space.

the challenge

It was paramount to draw out different user journeys in Rockworth, from the showroom to the office. Circulation and a good visual connection needed to be well-thought across different working floors and the high-ceiling entrance hall on the ground floor which also housed a mezzanine. As part of our client’s rebranding, we aimed to improve the overall look and feel, mood and tone within the office and showroom interiors. 

the solution

To do this, we first took to understand the company’s visual aesthetic, values, and what drives its reputation for its quality services. During the design process, we wanted to achieve 2 things in the overall look – first, to combine attractiveness and efficient functionality and secondly, a transformed workplace where people can build connections and value contributions within the community.

Orange is our client’s brand colour and thus lends heavily into the overall look-and-feel. It runs across the workfloors as a connection path throughout the workspace, reinforcing the company’s wholesome image. On functionality, our client’s traditional working space arrangement was elevated with a new variety of flexible workspaces. Four main operating zones were introduced: Public Space, Co-Working Space, Concentration, and Conference. This has helped users to orientate their attention and activities in each zone, setting the path towards increased collaboration between staff, visitors while also cutting down on the excess space occupied by permanent working desks. With the precedent advantage that our client has on office furniture, this new way of working alongside their multifarious purposeful furniture makes going to work exceedingly more vibrant and interesting.

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